Main Security Monitoring
Security Monitoring

Central Monitoring System

It is our priority to be on-call 24 hours a day to ensure that security is well taken care of at all the times. Our control centre at headquarters provides close-circuit monitoring on every security systems we have installed in client's premises every minutes of the day. Our aim is to act immediately when a crisis aries. Whenever our system detecs a crisis, our offices will take the necessary actions to response to the situation, which include the following: Our officers will contact the relevant authorities to notify them of the crisis details and locations so that law enforcement help could be sent immediately. At the same time, our very own patrol team will be sent to the site right away to investigate and response to the situations. Should backup be required, a team of armed officers will also be dispatched to the site immediately to assist with security forces and investigation.

24-hour Telecontact Security

We have officers on duty at the telecontact centre in our headquaters to attend to any security matters every minutes of the day. When we receive an alert on any of our security systems, our officers will contact you to check on the security status in the premise. This is done discreetly through pre-arranged secret communication plan such as usage of codes and signals. If threats are comfirmed, a team of armed security officers will be dispatched to the premise within 30minutes to attend to the situation.

Crisis Management & Legal Works

Even with well-drawn security strategies and implementations, things happen. In the event that an emergency or crisis taken place, Metro Security has the resources t oact immediately to the situation. Safety measures is one of the areas which we look into during the implementations of our security systems. We train our security officers to be equipped with skills and knowledge of safety issues as well. Thus when the need arises, they are ready to attend to the situation and take the necessary action to be in control of the incident.

Besides that, our security services are also supported and covered by insurance policies RM 3million which are underwritten by Lonpac Insurance Berhad Company, as required by Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN). On top of insurance guarentee, we also have a Legal Team that specialises in liability insurance. The team advises the Management adn security officers in the law prospect of every day operation. They ensure that the policies and procedures of Metro Security are performed according to the law and regulations of Malaysia.