Main Security Management
Security Management

Site Surveys

In any situation, security measures can onlt be taken after a location has been evaluated. We send our experienced experts to the field to do site visitation where they are trained to investigate premises in terms of locations, building floor plan, structure and potential threats.

Security & Safety Consultation

When our officers return from site surveys, they will prepare a report which will be submitted to our panel advisors. Based on the report, we will present to our client the recommendations on the necessary security measures which are required for the location. These recommendations include equipment, security officers, logistic planning and budget strategies.

Private Investigation

Investigations will be held as and when required by the client on related matter such as insurans claims, locating displacement of goods, absconded personnel and matrimonial matters. These investigations will be carried out discreetly bya special formed by former law enforcement officers who are well-trained in the tools and techniques required to complete the job.