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Cash in Transit (CIT)

Armoured vehicles and armed security officers are provided to escort clients in the process of transferring money from one place to another. Their duty is guard and protect both the client and the cash during transition from the very beginning to the end of the process. The entire transition is automatically insured with a comprehensive insurance coverage by Metro Security.

Overnight Vaulting & Bank-In

When a CIT transition takes placeafter banking and working hours, overnight vaulting and bank-in services are available to ensure security throughout the transition period. There will be armed security officers to guard the cash overnight in a secured manner until the time comes for it be deposited into the respective place.

Security Escorts

Armed and unarmed uniformed security officers are assigned to escort clients who require security measures during the transition of specific package or documents from one place to another. Unmarked security enhanced cars will be used during the transition when the need aries.

Payroll Packeting

When cash transition is required without the presence or action from our client, a team of armed security officer will be assigned to collect the cash payroll from the bank. The cash will then be sent to a secured location to be quantified and disbursed into individual envelopes based on client's instructions. During the disbursement to employees, armed security officers will be present to guard and prevent any mishap or unwanted distaction.

Security Delivery

Our officers are trained to be diligent and discreet in delivering highly confidential important documents under tight security at top speed to any locations in the country. Various methods and techniques are used to ensure that the parcel is delivered to the locationsprudently and effectively.

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