Main Security Protection
Security Protection

Static Security Personnel

Armed and unarmed uniformed security will be assigned to be on duty 24-hour every day to patrol and secure the designated location. These personnel are trained to be alert of the enviroment around them, to react when crisis arise and to ensure the location is secured from unauthorised intruders and powers. In the event that there is an emergency, our personnel are trained to take the necessary actions to handle the situation.

Personal Bodyguards

Metro Elite Guards are especially trained for the role of personal bodyguards to provide close contact protection to the designated individual. Their focus is to protect the individual from any threats of kidnapping, physical assault and harm. They are capable of carrying out their duties discreetly as plainclothes armed bodyguard to assure the security of the individual assigned to them.

Neighbourhood Patrols

Uniformed security personnel are sent out to the neighbourhood to patrol and guard the residential area. These personnel are capable of static guard duties as well as patrol capabilities through mobile vehicles. Their prority is to safeguard the community against any undesirable events and to take preventive measures against potential threat risks, which include regular interval patrolling.

Guard Dogs

Guard dogs are used to enhance the security in designated area provided by our security personnel, especially whent the venue involves large crowds such as events and gatherings. The guard dogs are imported exclusively and highly trained to be alert and sensitive to the enviroment. Working in a pair, the handler can leverage on the skills and sensesof the guard dogs to strengthen security measures at work.

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